Baiting is a modern approach in controlling crawling insects such as cockroaches and ants. it can be use as an alternative from spraying or combine with spraying. This poison has residual effect which delays the toxicant from killing the insect and will allow them to return to their nest. Once the infected insect is in its nest, the excreted feces and dead body will affect other insects in the nest by transferring the poison on the dead body and feces from one insect another eliminating the whole nest. Our Bait comes in either Gel or Powder form.

Treatment Guidelines

You should consider prior to availing the Bait Treatment service. If you have any concern with the guideline please CONTACT US.

✔ Leave the bait for as long as possible. Do not wipe or clean the bait while the bait is still potent (bait is mostly potent for 1 to 3 months)