We provide solutions to all your pest problem by applying the correct treatment method, using the suitable pesticide to do the job and incorporating the concepts of Integrated Pest Management. We provide pest control management plan to our clients by addressing the source of pest problem and working with our clients in order to resolve the problem.

1. Reduction of pest access, harborage, water and food source is important when controlling pest, without this, the pest problem will never end. We give free advice on how to do this to your home and facility.

2. Systematic rotation of chemical is applied together with organic pesticides to ensure there will be no insect resistance to pesticide. We also use organic insecticide which offers no resistance to persistent pest.

3. Gradual reduction of treatment frequency as the pest condition in your home / facility is resolved. This means less pest, less treatment and more savings in the future.

General Pest Control Treatment Method

We customize pest control treatment for each client base on the Nature of Infestation, Type of Facility, Content of Facility, surrounding area of the facility and other preference of our clients. We value the concerns of our clients especially when it comes to health and safety and we create ways to ensure our treatment will give our clients what they need.