What is a Mosquito?

Mosquitoes are small flies that feed on nectar and plant juices. Adult mosquito are usually 1.25 cm in length. They have 6 long slender legs and a thin body. They also have a pair of wing that enable them to fly. Mosquitoes have a long thing mouth part called proboscis. The mosquito proboscis have a pair of sharp flexible cutter that enable them to cut to skin and suck on blood and food.

(Aedes albopictus, mosquito known to carrying dengue and chikungunya fever)

Male and female mosquitoes feed on plants and flowers, only female mosquitoes bite because they need the protein from the blood for their egg to develop. Mosquito are attracted to dark color. They find their pray by the Carbon Dioxide and Lactic Acid they emit. To humans, mosquitoes prefer to bite those with type O blood, heavy breathers, those with a lot of skin bacteria, people with a lot of body heat, and the pregnant woman.

Mosquito Life Cycle

Mosquitoes have 4 life cycles which are Egg, Larva, Pupal and Adult. Mosquitoes lay their egg on stagnant water and it takes 2 weeks for the mosquitoes to compete its cycle from egg to adult.

Mosquito Reproduction

Adult Female mosquito needs water and protein for them to reproduce. Mosquito get their protein from blood meal in humans and animal, the blood meal is necessary for the female mosquito to get the protein she needs for her eggs to develop. Water is the 1st habitat of mosquito, they prefer to lay their eggs on stagnant water like lakes, river, ditch of water on your garden or even a vase in your home.

A female mosquito can lay as much as 100 to 250 eggs in 1 batch and 600 eggs in her lifetime.

(Mosquito eggs on stagnant water)

Mosquito Infestation Risk

Mosquitoes are considered the deadliest pest in the planet and kills 1 to 3 million every year. It carries deadly diseases such as Dengue Fever, Malaria, Yellow Fever and Encephalitis. Mosquito transfer these deadly diseases by transmitting the bacterial, virus or parasite when they bite an infected human or animal, the mosquito will pick up the bacteria, virus or parasite and transfer it to their next blood meal.

(Aedes albopictus feeding on human host)

Mosquito Prevention

Screening your doors and windows are the best pest prevention in limiting the entry of mosquitoes in your property.

You also need to check, clean, empty, and cover all items in and outside of your home that may contain pool of water at least once a week, this will greatly reduce the mosquito population in your area. Common breading grounds are old tire, jars, clay pot, bottles, water pails and clogged drainage system.

There are also instances that the infestation is coming from inside your home. You need to check, clean, empty, and cover all items inside your home that may contain stagnant water. Common breading grounds are jars, bottles, water pails, clogged drainage and laundry area.

This advises will greatly reduce the mosquito population in your facility,
but if infestation cannot be managed anymore,
it’s time to call a Professional Pest Control Provider.

Mosquito Treatment