Pest 101

Pest can be an insect, animal, plant or any living organism that can harm us or damage our properties. We might not know it but we live with pest all the time, we only notice them once their number become uncontrollable or when they start to cause harm and damage.

Knowing the pest you have at your home, office, building, school, restaurant, shopping mall and factories are very important in controlling their numbers and protecting yourself from the diseases and destruction they can cause. By knowing what attracts them, what they eat, how they live and how they reproduce is vital in reducing their numbers.

There are also some preventive steps we can take to make our home, office, building, school, restaurant shopping mall and factories not a suitable place for this pest to live in. By blocking their way into our property, removing the source of food and habitat would be very helpful in preventing this pest into our life.

Here are some of the most common pest we encounter every day.