Treatment Methods for controlling your rodent problems

We are using single feed 2nd generation rat poison. We attached the rat poison on rat tunnel to attract them to the bait.

We customize the size of your sticky trap depending on your need. No bait is required for the sticky trap as the sticky gel itself contains attractant for rodents.

Treatment Guidelines

You should consider prior to availing the Rodent Control service. If you have any concern with the guideline please CONTACT US.

✔ Inform our technician if you have pets or children at home for the technician to be extremely conscious in placing the bait and trap away from the reach of children and pets.

✔ Remember where the bait and trap was place and timely check if the trap has coughed a rodent or the bait is empty.

✔ Inform all person in your facility the location of the bait and trap. Leave it in place till the rodent is capture or the bait have run out