Termite Control

We use residual non-repellant termeticide in our treatment, residual non-repellant termeticide is the best liquid termeticide in the market today as they are considered safer for the environment and its goal is elimination of termite colony.
Previous termite treatment offer only repellant action on termites. This means the termites are able to detect the treated soil and are repelled.

(Repellant termeticide effects on termite)

Termites are social insects and we use that in our advantage in treating with residual non-repellant termeticide. With non-repellant termeticide, termites are unable to detect the treated soil. Once the termites come in contact with the treated soil, they will be affected and carry a slow acting poison affecting their nervous system. The slow acting poising will enable the termite to carry the poison to their nest and spread the poison by transfer effect and infect all the termites in their colony, hence, eliminating the entire colony.

(non-repellant termeticide effect on termites)

Signs of Termite Infestation

Termite Tunnel (Mud Tunnel)

Termite Create this tunnel because they need to work in hot and humid conditions and these tunnels ensure that they can control the climate.

(Termite mud tunnel is a very strong sign of active termite infestation)

Wood Damage

can be detected by tapping the wood with screw driver or hammer and it will sound "hollow". Also, soft wood that is easily probed with a knife or screwdriver.

(Wood after eaten by termites)

Sagging Ceiling and Warp Wood Panels

Sagging Ceiling are cause beam in which the ceiling was attached are eaten by termites. Warp wood panels are cause by the termites eating the panels itself.

(Warp on wall panel due to termite infestation)

Termite Swarm and Wing

Commonly known as Gamu-Gamu, They are actually Termite King and Queen looking for a new nest. This is triggered by a diminishing food supply or lack of water to support a colony.

(Termite swarm is a sign of having termite infestation in your home or in your neighbor home)

Live Termites

are almost certain as a sign of infestation. Termites are social insects and rarely travel alone. Once you see 1 termite, most probable it belongs to a colony made up of thousands to millions of termites.

(seeing a live termite in your property is an alarming sign of termite infestation)

Termite Treatment

Pre Construction Management

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