Post Construction Treatment (Termite Colony Management) Method

Post construction treatment or Termite Colony Management is done when your home is already built and you want your investment to be protected from the horror of termite infestation or is already in the termite infestation stage.

  • Soil Barrier

This part of treatment will protect our home from termite infestation by eliminating the termite colony with the use of non-repellant liquid termiticide. Soil Barrier is done by creating a termite barrier in the perimeter of your home either by trenching or soil injection. Treatment is done by trenching 6 X 6 inches in soil perimeter and drilling 1/2 inches hole every feet on concrete flooring then apply the right amount of liquid termiticide. Soil Barrier treatment will be able to protect the perimeter of our home from termite infestation at least for 1 year.

  • Wood Protection

The most important part of treatment because woods are often the 1st source of termite infestation in your home. Treatment is done by treating all wooden materials in your home that are prone to termite infestation by spraying liquid non-repellant termeticide on the correct wood surface. The wood will then absorb the liquid termeticide and carry the slow acting termite poison. The treated wood will protect your home from new termite infestation at least for 1 year.

  • Baiting

Termite baiting is the latest innovation in termite control system. We strategically plant termite bait in your home as added protection from new termite infestation. We usually plant the bait in places we cannot spray (e.x. electric outlet, electric switches etc.) and also on other frequently infested area by termites. This will serve as additional protection for your home.

(Shows how our Post construction termite treatment work)

Treatment guideline

You should consider prior to availing the Post Construction Treatment service. If you have any concern with the guideline please CONTACT US.
  • Remove all content of cabinets and drawers that was infected by termites.
  • Know all electrical and plumbing lines in your facility prior to treatment. GPS Global Pest Solutions is not liable for any damages due to wrong instructions on electrical or plumbing lines.
  • If you have pets, we advice to keep them in the cage or tie them while the treated surface are still wet.
  • Do not touch any wet treated surface. Wait for it to dry out naturally.
  • Renovation is not advisable for 2 weeks after treatment. This might affect the efficacy of the treatment.